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After more than 10 years working for various agencies around the country, I have witnessed a lot of ad buy checks being cut and a lot of impersonal interactions. So in 2016, I started my own agency where my goal is a focus on the relationship between the client, artists, and product. I am all about left-brain/right-brain chemistry. I understand business AND creativity. I have the ability to market your product or develop a new one. I am a master of analytics as well as inspiration. This is where data-driven insights meet magical ideas—basically the mash-up of ROI and WTF.



We are passionate about the products we create. We don’t just take on any client either. In order for us to provide our clients the best service, it’s an investment not only for our clients, but for us as well. Placing the JTM name on our final product means we are all proud of the result.


Beauty without substance is immaterial. Good design marries elegant aesthetic with thoughtful engineering. You have a story to tell, we are here to help you deliver it perfectly. You only have a short amount of time for the first time customer, and we are proud to be your foot-in-the-door.

thumb_01_60_60FUTURE PROOF

The future is exciting, which is why we plan for it instead of chronically adopting the latest trend. What we create must be maintainable for it to be truly valuable. JTM spends a lot of his free time researching and attending various conferences exploring technology and concepts with his peers that will eventually shape design, tomorrow.


We strive to make content accessible to everyone and design products that respect a persons time and emotions. We must research, understand, and clearly define user needs, then we can plan and execute designs that support these needs. Most people just assume a designer only designs. Quite the opposite, actually. Research is essential to the process.

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